Twila Jane is an experienced


professional dancer, with training in both classic Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Fusion forms, with a focus on musicality, rigorous technique, and creative attention to detail in her theatrical works. She possesses the innate ability to delight audiences of every persuasion! In addition to her skill in more traditional forms, she is a distinctive and accomplished Theatrical and Tribal Fusion bellydancer, and customizes her performances to suit themes for any show or event. She executes her art in unique, high quality costuming of all sorts, which she is well known for. Live music is also an option when Twila performs! Book her for restaurants and nightclubs, theatrical shows, movies, private parties, celebrations, or anywhere bellydance is desired!

Twila sings and plays in a band!

Outside of her bellydancing shenanigans, Twila collaborates with accordionist Barry Bless as Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman and with the Happy Lucky Combo. You can hire her and the gang for shows of all sorts!

Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman is a collision between accordionist Barry Bless and Twila. Twila sings, dances, plays the Big Drum, zills, and Turkish Spoons, and more. Anything is possible, and their goal is to open up public space, utilizing the commons, and to inspire every sort of feeling in their audience! See them on stages and sidewalks all over the East Coast. Together the head up the Breakfast Cabaret Orchestra, a deliciously rotating cast of musicians who play at Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream every Friday morning from 9-10:30am. They are available for performances at any mealtime of the day (even snacks and happy hours!)

The Happy Lucky Combo is a cacophonous cabaret of wordly proportions. Barry Bless, Pippin Barnett, Dave Yohe , and guest musicians provide a soundscape of both original music, standards, and obscurities rearranged from across the planet. Twila sings, dances, balances on drums, wields dangerous swords, dons her favorite moustache, and zills and spoons her heart out! 



Twila and the Tarot

Twila is skilled in the art of tarot reading! Part intuition, part archetypical exploration, part science, querents of all types gain insight and often a clearer picture around life challenges and questions that they seek answers to. Twila is available for one on one readings in person, over the phone, and online. You can also book her for parties!

Classic Bellydance 

Twila's first area of study in dance was in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, a form that many people familiar with bellydance expect to see! This beautiful stage-ready dance form is presented in Arabic style in "classic" two-piece costuming and physical presentation. Twila has performed scores of Raqs Sharqi shows in restaurants, nightclubs, and at parties all over the country, and is available for one-time and regular bookings in establishments looking for classic bellydance entertainment!

Modeling and Fantastical Visual

and Video Work 

A unique look, spectacular costuming, and exceptional physical stamina and posing an interesting model does make! Twila is available for all sorts of modeling and character work. She has starred in several music videos, and would love to do more. Do you need a forest fairy, mermaid, light-up princess, or some other wild character for the stage, movies, your event, or to model? Basic fashion modeling or creative fantasy? Now booking for all varieties of shoots. 

Twila is her own built in makeup artist and stylist, and has full-on body painters at her disposal. Contact her for more information and rates!

Mistress of Ceremonies

Do you need a very special announcer, a lovely lady or man to address your audience? Allow Twila to charm the pants off of your people, in any of her characters. She is beyond proficient in creating characters to fit your theme: anything from tall elegance to raunchy hilarity dressed as a man or otherwise. Twila has MC'd at bellydance events and festivals across the country, as well as for burlesque and variety shows. Reigned in, or wild as all get out, the choice is yours!