Images, stories, and objects have been used, time immemorial, to help humans interpret, process, and understand their lives and circumstances. While non-religious, the tarot is a wonderfully marvelous tool for querents to gain a different glimpse of their lives, with the assistance of metaphor and a guide.

A reading with Twila is a conversation over the cards, encompassing not only traditional tarot meanings, but also numerology, intuition, and visual cues that allow a story to unfold before you. She uses several different layouts and methods for reading, allowing the situation to guide her to the best possible way to help her querent. A full reading usually consists of an 11 card spread of her creation to start, and cards are pulled as necessary and as more ideas come to light. A mini-reading is usually a three card spread.

Twila offers tarot readings in a several formats: in person offerings include- focused and casually attired one one one readings, readings for groups and couples at either her studio, home, or your home. These sessions have been likened to creative therapy sessions, and are wonderfully enlightening to those who participate. Theatrical tarot options include Twila arriving in costume and a wonderfully built tarot booth provided by her friends at River City Tarot. While the events that require a more theatrical approach are usually less private, Twila still reads authentically for every guest. She also offers readings over the phone, through instant messenger, and over video chat.

Those who are interested in booking Twila to read privately or at an event should contact her at 804-549-3982.