Twila Jane is a singer, percussionist, and Melodic Dabbler who has had a colorful relationship with music her entire life.


While she is not often seen in public with a guitar, bass, or accordion, she also plays these instruments along with any sort of noise maker she can get her hands on. For almost a decade, she has been mirthfully disturbing the peace with accordionist Barry Bless. You can see them perform together as the Professor and Madwoman, or with their Breakfast Cabaret Orchestra which plays at Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream every Friday morning from 9-10:30am. The Professor and Madwoman enjoy creating a Worldwide Cabaret scene wherever they are summoned to, and are booked to share Revolutionary Love Songs by those in need of a bit of political rousing. Sometimes, they take it upon themselves to appear on the streets with the notion of expanding the ways one can use public space, inviting others to join in for a song or a dance, with or without their magical contraption, the Wandering Cabaret, a mobile stage. Twila lovingly chirps through at least eight different languages in their repertoire, and aims to capture every person in the audience in a fancy net of togetherness. 

Twila also sings and dances with the Happy Lucky combo, and collaborates with musicians all across the country, offering dance performances with bands of a wide variety of musical genres, and teaches workshops for dancers and musicians with musicians Barry Bless, Raihan Alam, and others. If you think you might like any of these musical things to show up on your doorstep, contact Twila HERE!