Twila Jane is a multifaceted artist who has walked a long creative road, and become part of many stories.

Forest-raised and city-swathed, her creative beginnings flourished with paintbrushes, secret imaginings, gardens, music, stories, and adornment, later expanding to photography and experiments in body modification. She spent years in her own darkroom developing haunting images, playing in punk bands, and later writing strange music on bass guitars, writing abstract poetry, and as a professional body piercer before embarking on her life as an ever evolving bellydance-based movement artist, musician, visual artist, and writer.  


These days, Twila dances everywhere, and owns and directs Electric Nomad Dance, now in its ninth year of operation in Richmond, Virginia. It is a place where people are compassionately invited to dance and integrate the many facets of their creative lives, within a community of people who want to do the same, all to a soundtrack of live music whenever possible. Currently, Twila is excitedly introducing a new dance curriculum, "From Stones to Statues", and is planning for the next phase of a home studio! You can join classes with her at Electric Nomad Dance, where she is building her new dance hive on Main St. 

Twila also dances, sings, and plays music with her accordionist sidekick Barry Bless in their collaboration “Professor and Madwoman” and the Happy Lucky Combo; she tours nationally teaching bellydance and performing, and creates wildly theatrical dances and shows in Richmond and elsewhere. She spends a lot of time musing over ways to return to the basics of the human experience, while dancing full speed into a future.

Twila's dance training began in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, and has evolved and fused over the years into Electric Nomad Dance, her ever-transforming style of movement and performance. Twila's recent dance obsessions and studies have been in Turkish Orientale and Romani styles, and Unmata ITS, which she has recently completed teacher training in and plans to start teaching very soon! She has also become an Initiate of Rachel Brice's 8 Elements certification program, with hopes to continue study in that program, and has certified and trained in Suhaila Salimpour's format as well, and considers that foundation a solid root in her technical training. In the classroom, Twila focuses  on creating excellent technical foundations, inspiring individual voice, and cultivating reverence and respect for the dances and cultures from which bellydance have emerged. Visit for more information about classes in Richmond.